19 June 2018, Tuesday, 3:50

The Way Kachanava Helped Lukashenka to Fool Belarusians

Natallia Kachanava

The bureaucrat voiced what the dictator preferred to do "sneakily."

On June 17 the head of Lukashenka Administration who got a land plot in Drazdy-2 stated that it would be wrong to rely only on the state when solving the problem with housing.

- If we talk about small towns, then today there is an opportunity to allocate a land plot for families with many children. We can do it, there are credit resources, but families cannot build an apartment because someone has no work, for example, Natallia Kachanava stated. - Not only the state should take care of large families, but people themselves must take measures.

Families with many children could recall Natallia Kochanova pre-election promises of Lukashenka, in 2006 he promised free apartments for such families, Salidarnasts writes.

Before the presidential "elections" Lukashenka proposed a "solution" to the demographic problem:

- It's time for Belarus to make a decision: three children - a free apartment.

Three months later Lukashenka changed his mind - families with three children were promised an apartment at half price.

And in a couple of weeks there was a pre-election program of "presidential candidate" Aliaksandr Lukashenka who said: "Our orientation is to give an apartment to each young family no later than 3 years after the marriage. For families with five children the state fully pay for an apartment, 4 children - 50% discount, three - 30%."

Six years passed when Lukashenka remembered about free housing for large families.

- Preferential housing, you understand, will be given to families with many children. If you want an apartment for free, you'd better give birth to 3-5 children. If you have one or two children, you have to take care of your own, the ruler offered Belarusians when addressing his "message to the Parliament and the people" in 2012.

However, it is not a surprise. This is typical for the authorities to make promises about free apartment for families with many children and to make a helpless gesture when it has come to fulfill them.