27 May 2018, Sunday, 6:31

Activist to "Shunyavki": The Clock Ticking, the Counter Clicking, Your Time Running out


Many times the existence of dictatorial regimes ended in an explosion or a sob.

Activist of the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party (People's Hramada) Siarhei Sparysh wrote on Facebook.

"Take care of Statkevich.

The clock is ticking, the counter is clicking, the time is running out. The rules of the game will inevitably change - the new ones do not suit anyone but you, there is only few of you. The only thing that helps you to maintain the status quo is that they still seem tolerant enough to allow you to mantain it. But who knows what will happen tomorrow, what will trigger a chain reaction? How many times have we observed the way your existence ended in an explosion or a sob? You know the answer: it happened many times, so you are scared.

Statkevich is a kind, tolerant person with gentry notions of justice, he is inclined to compromises. He will forgive you to avoid unnecessary blood of compatriots. When the Day we are waiting for comes - pray to Allah or Jesus for him to be in charge.

There are other people - younger, more cynical, more vindictive. They will write down every gall and it will be considered on Judgment Day.

Do you need them to change Statkevich?

You follow Statkevich. Therefore, I appeal not to your honor - scumbags do not have one - but to your instinct of self-preservation. If he sneezes - you'd better run up and say "bless you" in unison. If he stumbles - you'd better offer him a hand not to let him be hurt.

Take care of Statkevich."