25 May 2018, Friday, 21:31

Kachanava Flounders In Her Evidence


Lukashenka’s administration head copies her boss’s habits.

Is to earn less than a minimum wage still normal or not?

In early 2016, the then vice-premier of the country Natallia Kachanava mentioned the young coaches’ salaries. It got some resonance, Trybuna writes.

Soon, Kachanava reminded herself and the society about the concept of the minimum wage, existing in Belarus. Young coaches, apparently, had not worked hard enough to get it.

A year later, Kachanava was asked about coaches and their salaries again. The official’s post in the state apparatus had changed over that time, but not the rhetoric, as well as the children's coaches’ salaries. They again found themselves outside the minimum limit, proving that even what "cannot happen" does happen sometimes.

It is a pity that 60 dollars, which at the time of the first question used to be equivalent to exactly 1.3 million rubles, are not the same.