27 May 2018, Sunday, 6:34

Brest Afghan Hero Made Authorities to Respect the National Flag


The administrative case against Aliaksandr Sakharuk is closed.

An Afghan veteran from Brest received a message from the police department of the Leninski district of Brest that the administrative case for the heroically unfurling of white-red-white flag at an official event on May 9 was closed, Radio Svaboda reports.

But Aliaksandr Sakharuk believes that that case should not have been initiated at all:

- I was illegally detained, illegally escorted to a temporary detention facility. My family did not know where I was, no one informed them. I also had problems at work, I could hardly take a certificate from our bodies, which get salaries from taxes of citizens. I was taken to temporary detention facility for our historical flag.

On May 9 Aliaksandr Sakharuk was detained in Brest, when he unfurled a white-red-white flag during the Victory Day march. He spent more than a day in a temporary detention facility. The flag was confiscated, but after examination it was returned.