25 May 2018, Friday, 0:34

Vasil Shlyndzikau: It's Better for Lukashenka to Resign on His Own

Vasil Shlyndzikau

The founder of the Amkodor concern told about variants Lukashenka and his family may use to swan off.

The founder of Amkodor, head of the Commission on Economic Policy in the Supreme Council of the 13th convocation, expert of the VIP-team of the United Civil Party Vasil Shlyndzikau told ucpb.org.

- Vasil Mikhailavich, you used to be a big boss and politician. What is your message to the government? Don't they understand the situation? Or what?

- I think the majority does not aware of the real situation. Unfortunately. They do not have appropriate skills. Perhaps, there are few of those who do but they cannot make decisions. This is why it's not possible to lobby reforms the country requires. Requires! Otherwise, the result will be disastrous.

- Does this mean that the low-skilled management is the answer?

- Was Belarus' GDP around 45-48 billion dollars in 2016? Given that it equaled to $75 billion several years ago. $45 billion is the production volume of a large western company. That's all. And here we have 10 million people who are barely able to cope with it.

This is the matter of management. There is no high-skilled staff. All systems for promotion of talented people are blocked.

It is even hard to name the principle the personnel selection is based on. I'm not talking about nepotism and other things. As I understand, the regional mafia forms its own mafia. Hence the results.

- What to do then? To demolish to the ground?

- It's not necessary.

- What is turning point then?

- Let everything that is created works. The political system, the authority needs changing, elections are needed. And here Aliaksandr Lukashenka has a chance to go down in history as the first president with a slight minus sign, not black-cursed.

- To resign?

- To resign. It would be nice to change the Constitution and limit the powers of the president. I think that Aliaksandr Ryhoravich should understand that one-man power brings no good. Look, Nazarbayev is already slowly preparing.

Second, elections are required; the election legislation needs thorough amendments.

The Round Table is necessary; I support the idea of Syaredzich to create an initiative group of representatives of the authorities and the opposition and to agreen on mechanisms for handover of power.

- Will it be better to do it without them?

- It's better to do it together. Otherwise, nothing will be done.

- What if they fail to agree?? Then let opposition make decisions and inform about results.

- Lukashenka can also come up with offers. I guess that the first offer of a wise person is the safety for himself and members of his family. And this step as well as guarantees are mandatory. All our parties should give such guarantees.

And if a peaceful transition of power happens, then Belarus has a chance. There is a chance.

- What to do with Lukashenka? What guarantees can we offer him?

- Pension!

- He will ask for one the entire GDP collapses, won't he?

- I guess he has some savings.

- Pension... Otherwise, he will be tried! He stands behind cases of gone missing Zakharanka, Hanchar, Krasouski...

- I once again say that we need to offer him guarantees and not to pedal. Do not touch him. There are people who did it all. Therefore, we should not touch him.

But the world experience shows that there has been no voluntary resign from position.

- He wants to face the fate of Ceausescu.

- What ways out are applicaple? Death - a natural or an artificial one, a military coup...

- Yes.

- In case of the revolution he will be nailed to the wall. . And God forbid if it happens. In this case it is difficult to say who will come to power then. It may be even worse...

- These negotiations are required for him to have these guarantees and to obey them... Otherwise...

- No questions. Everyone should make a decision. To involve political forces and not to pedal. To deal with those who carried out this. If they are alive by then.

Do you remember Brezhnev during his last years in power? He could barely move, but everyone told him about his genious. And here we have the same. Aliaksandr Ryhoravich's inner circle is nothing without him.

- How seriously should he treat there words about his genius?

- He should understand that all their words are just an attempt to preserve themselves. After all, they are not capable of anything! Will they do business? They won't!

- That is, in fact, they threaten him and his family to keep themselves in power.

- To preserve their well-being. As long as possible. To find a well-paid job for their children, give them education and swan off.

- This is the reason to make him stay...

- And to put him and his family on the spot.