21 June 2018, Thursday, 21:06

Where ‘Social Parasites Tax’ Money Really Went


Giving this money to children seems out of the question.

In March, Lukashenka promised that all the money collected through the “social parasites decree” should remain in the district budgets and be directed to serve the needs of children exclusively. Each district executive committee head must report on this money at the sessions of district and municipal councils.

Last week, Deputy Minister on Taxation and Dues Sviatlana Shauchenka reported that tax inspectorates started returning money to the “social parasites”. However, the mentioned tax inspectorates know nothing about this. And indeed, does the money from this tax really go to children? This is what Euroradio correspondent was told in the districts.

Krupki district executive committee, Julia Kamarova, Deputy Head on Economic Issues:

“87 people in our district paid the fee, it made a total of about Bn 23 K. All this money should have been forwarded to schools, as it is related to the social budget item. However, we haven’t spent it on anything yet, as it turned out we would have to return the money to those who got employed in 2017. We seemingly have one application for the return of the money, but we cannot reply to it yet as we have no instruction on how we should return it, on what grounds.”

Smarhon district executive committee, Henadz Kharuzhy, Chairman:

"There are not so many people affected by the decree in our district, somewhat like five people, which is more or less a good situation. Moreover, literally a week ago, the news about the return of this money came, and our experts are now working on it. "

Zhlobin district executive committee, Aleaksandr Makeyeu, Head of Department of Finance:

"The total amount of paid fees in Zhlobin district is Bn 98 K. But the fact remains, this money will not go to children. A new document has been adopted, under which this money needs to be returned (in fact, there is no document yet - edit.). The money that we received from people went to the budget, and it was allocated to cover expenses, it got mixed there, and therefore went to finance health care, education. It didn’t go on something specific."

Brest executive committee, Ihar Labada, Head of the Department of Economics:

“I don’t have the information about the collected money. Even if had, I wouldn’t tell you anyway.”

In Minsk, Homel, Ashmiany district they know nothing about Lukashenka’s instruction to allocate all the “social parasites” money to children:

“You should call the tax inspectorate, we are not handling this isuue and know nothing about it.”

51,6 thousand people paid the tax for “social parasitism”. In total, the budget received Bn 15,6 million from the "parasites". Over 470 000 people got notifications for payment of the fee.