21 June 2018, Thursday, 0:12

Authorities Make Up Long List Of "Sheep For Shearing"


On whom the authorities will impose a new tax "on the revival of the village."

At the Kupalie festival in Alexandria the head of state urged wealthy people to revive their small homelands. The website Zavtra Tvajei Strany figured out who will respond to Aliaksandr Lukashenka's call.

Muhurski: Wealthy people are backed into a corner

Candidate of Economic Sciences Piotr Muhurski, who lives in the Shklou district, believes that large businessmen will be forcibly volunteered to invest in their small homelands.

– Their wellbeing depends on the words and position of the head of state. I mean not only their status, but also their wealth. They are backed into a corner. It is quite possible to assume that district executive committees and village councils already compile lists of village natives whom they can put the lug on, – Piotr Muhurski notes.

The economist believes that all investments in the village are positive, even if they do not have a long-term perspective. Thanks to the engagement of wealthy people it will be possible to asphalt roads, build new shops, possibly create consumer service establishments in villages.

Piotr Muhurski does not see real obstacles preventing large businessmen to invest in their native villages.

– The president expressed his wish, and it means no less than legislation. So, please, come and see what you can do. If someone relucts against it, then we will remind him of the president's wish and the resistance will die out, – the economist believes.

Kastusiou: There are no conditions that could attract big businessmen

And the deputy chairman of the BPF Party Ryhor Kastusiou, who lives in Shklou, sees no prospects for implementing the wishes of the head of state.

– It's unlikely that many wealthy people will have a desire to revive their small homeland, as they were brought to such a state that there is nothing to revive there now. There are quite a lot of villages, where there are only a few people left, –the politician states.

Ryhor Kastusiou believes that there are no conditions which can attract large businessmen to invest in villages.

– It would be possible to revive villages if land was in private ownership and the farms were developing. It would be possible if people had the opportunity not only to invest money in the village, but also to create conditions for work there, to get a return, – the politician says.

– But it was necessary to do it more than 20 years ago. And they have thought about it only now. It is probably too late to raise the issue of the revival of small homelands today, – the expert sums up.