24 April 2018, Tuesday, 7:52

Ministry Of Architecture And Construction: : Abolishment Of Decree On Helping Large Families Was Premature


The Minister of Architecture and Construction apologized for Lukashenka’s blatant error.

"The abolishment of the Decree #585 was premature, it was a serious mistake," Minister of Architecture and Construction Anatol Chorny said at a meeting with journalists today, tut.by reports.

- The abolishment of the Decree #585 made no sense since August 6, the deadline, which we designated in the new document. We could not foresee that a certain category of people who built their budgets for housing construction will hit the rock of misunderstanding. We must admit that this is a serious mistake and we apologize. Today I prepared my appeal to the head of state to extend the validity of the Decree #585 for the period of completion of construction of houses, started before the adoption of the #240 decree, - Anatol Chorny said.

The Minister noted that the Decree #585 has been extended for no longer than till the 1st quarter of 2018 - during this time all the houses in which the families claiming subsidies under this decree will be put into operation.

The funds for subsidizing citizens under the Decree #585 can be found, the Minister specified: "The problem is solvable, I think the head of state will support my request to extend the term of the Decree #585.

We remind, last week the president signed a new Decree #240 on targeted subsidies for housing, which will come in force on August 6. It turned out that with it another decree - about helping young and large families in the construction of housing - # 585 would lose its force.

Young families and large families, counting on subsidies under the Decree #585 and taking commercial loans at 19-20%, fell into a legal pit - if their houses are not put into operation before August, then they cannot claim for subsidies under the Decree #585 already, and cannot claim for subsidies under the Decree #240 yet (under it, citizens are subsidized by order of priority). Families who entered the construction in 2016-2017 may have to make huge payments on loans, which they would never have taken if they hadn’t hoped for the state. would not take a chance, if not for the hope of the state. The subsidies under the Decree #585 were provided only to those who took commercial loans for housing.