27 April 2018, Friday, 2:06

Lukashenka To Dodon: For You I’ll Do Everything You Want At Any Moment


The dictator called the pro-Russian president of Moldova a close friend, from whom he does not hide anything.

Belarus is ready at any moment to do everything it can for Moldova, Lukashenka said at a meeting with Moldovan President Igor Dodon on Thursday.

"We are ready at any time to do whatever you want, if we are capable of doing that. Everything you’ve seen, starting from industrial tractors, BelAZ trucks, MAZs, agricultural enterprises," – Lukashenka's press service quotes his words.

"We do not hide anything from you, you are a close person to us. We adhere to almost identical views with you. You remember that we are ready to help at any time, to lend our shoulder," –the Belarusian ruler added.

Lukashenka noted that he has great respect for Moldova and its people. "For some reason they say in Moldova: "We are a small state, a small nation." This is a great nation, this is a normal state by average European standards," – he said.

"You’ve seen Belarus, you, one could say, have palpated its industry, agriculture. You’ve visited cultural sites, seen our attitude to the memory. We do not hype ourselves or tell how miserable we are and how difficult it was for us at the war. We treasure this memory," – Lukashenka stressed.

"Your such a prelude to our meeting is very valuable. I can talk with you as with a person who got to know Belarus," – he added.