20 April 2018, Friday, 17:34

Belaya Rus Runs Aground?


A Prypiats cruise for € 1200 is under threat.

The cruise ship, which from April this year makes a weekly cruise from Brest to Mozyr and back, now goes only until the gateway in Stakhava in Stolin district, where it turns around and goes in the opposite direction to Brest, the Vecherni Brest writes.

As the administration of the enterprise Dnepro-Buh Waterway explained, this is due to the seasonal drop in the water level in the river. This year the river became not so much shallow as in previous years due to frequent rains, but there is still a threat that the ship will run aground.

Knowing about this probability, the route's developers provided an alternative option for the cruise route - now the ship goes around in a circle. All tickets for the next cruise, which is to start on July 15, are already sold out, and there are only four cabins left for the next one, which starts on July 22. It is expected that the ship will reach Mozyr in early September.