25 June 2018, Monday, 16:49

Video Fact: Fight In Rechytsa Police Department


Rechytsa dweller published a video record of Major of police committing a physical assault.

Human rights defenders now have a video record made by a Rechytsa dweller in one of the police departments of the district center, spring96.org reports.

The HR defenders contacted the author of the video who told about an incident which had occurred with him recently.

“My friend and I were walking around the town of Rechytsa, slightly tipsy, both of us. Police officers detained us and said we should go to the police department with them, we agreed with no resistance, we breathed in the tube first, and then got back to the police department so the policemen would issue a fine for us to pay. I started video-filming there with my cell phone, after which I was beaten by a police officer and sent to the detention center for 72 hours. Then I was charged under 3 articles and fined for 22 base fees.”

The Rechytsa resident filed a complaint against the illegal actions of the police to the local department of the Investigatory Committee and is preparing a claim to the Internal Investigations Division of the MIA.

It would be appropriate to recall the thoughts of the Minister of the Interior Ihar Shunevich, which he shared yesterday:

- True, we are not always competent at the level of the first instance, and there are many reasons for that, also some professional unpreparedness to handling complicated, often long- protracted issues,” – the Minister said.

This time it’s hard not to agree with Ihar Shunevich: the competence of rank-and-file policemen is really weak. To explain the rights and duties to a detained citizen, to refer to a law which prohibits video-recording in a police department, a police officer punches a citizen in the face.

What an argument, what a competence!

It’s curious, whether the video surveillance cameras in the police department will once again appear broken this time.