19 April 2018, Thursday, 18:19

Girl’s Backpack Inflames In Minsk Metro


It happened due to the electronic cigarette.

The story about the everyday Minsk. It all happened in the Minsk metro, at the “Victory Square” station. It was 8.47 p.m. A girl was peacefully approaching the turnstiles, when her backpack inflamed. The press-center of the Minsk metro commented on the situation. Like, it happened because of the accumulator for the electronic cigarette, onliner.by writes.

— All stations and facilities of the Minsk metro are adequately equipped with modern systems of fire automatics and firefighting equipment, and staff are trained to apply them in case of fire. But, as we see in the record, the incident that took place at the metro station "Victory Square" did not require the use of a fire extinguisher , — it said in the message on the Minsk metro official site.

Representatives of the metro note that only in June 2017, as a result of inspection activities, 458 items were banned for transportation, including 10 packages and 6 items of pyrotechnics, 158 containers with flammable liquids totaling 275 liters, 168 cylinders with gas totaling 198 liters , 28 containers with paint totaling 46 liters, a gas burner, 6 batteries filled with electrolyte, 6 chain saws and 5 gas trimmers with fuel.