21 May 2018, Monday, 4:31

Babruisk Fishermen Rebel Against Renting Rivers


Fishermen accuse authorities of "legalized poaching".

911 people signed a collective appeal against renting rivers and lakes in Babruisk, babruysk.by informs.

Amateurs of fishing throughout Belarus are beginning to defend the right to amateur fishing and unhindered visits to reservoirs. The problem has become especially urgent after the cases on the Sozh and Prypiats rivers in Homel region. The local authorities hold auctions for the right to conclude a contract for leasing water areas. After that, the tenants, as a rule, start commercial fishing, and charge the amateurs a fee, if they want to fish with a fishing rod or with a spinning tackle.

– In Babruisk, 911 people signed under the collective appeal against the leasing of rivers and canals with adjacent bottomland water bodies in Belarus, – Viachaslau Ahuretski, an activist of the initiative, told us. – We sent signatures to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (the issue is in their competence). However, a few days later, we gathered another 200 signatures – that is, people still continue to hand out the filled in forms. Basically, the signatures were collected at the shops for fishermen. They sign the appeal willingly, although a lot of them do not believe that signatures can change anything ...

Fishermen are indignant that the water areas are leased for commercial fishing. After all, in fact, this is legal poaching! And the amateurs are charged for the pleasure of relaxing with a fishing rod or with a spinning from 5 to 30 rubles a day!

The problem is not so relevant in the Babruisk region yet, but it also exists. A part of the Berazina between the villages of Staseuka and Uhly has long been leased. The section of the river, located between the village of Yalizava and the village of Chuchje, has been fenced off – one can’t even get there!

Having discussed this issue with a lot of people, I got convinced that a lot of Babruisk residents were not aware of the existing problem. Therefore, we will inform citizens, and also defend further our right to unhindered access to water bodies.