21 May 2018, Monday, 4:31

BPF Protests Against Military Exercises West-2017


Activists are planning pickets in 25 cities.

The BPF party is protesting against the large military exercises of Russia and Belarus West-2017, which are planned to be held in the autumn, Radio Racyja reports.

Party activists have started to file applications for pickets to express disagreement with these dangerous plans. According to Belarusian Popular Front executive secretary Dzmitry Saloshkin, the picketing is planned in 20-25 big and small cities of Belarus:

– The applications for July 27 have already been submitted in Minsk, Slutsk, Vitsebsk, Biarozauka, and Slonim. Members of our party file applications locally. Unfortunately, we have already been turned down for far-fetched reasons in Vitsebsk, no contracts have been concluded with the police, with firemen. Most likely we will not be allowed pickets.

But the applications will be filed and we are going to seek permission from the authorities by all means to hold pickets against military exercises," – Dzmitry Saloshkin said.