21 June 2018, Thursday, 21:04

Ukraine’s Embassy Sends Note Of Protest To Belarusian MFA


Ukraine protests against possible showing of the propagandistic movie about the Crimea in Belarus.

The Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus protests against the possible showing of the propagandistic movie “Crimea. Don’t Part with Loved Ones” in cinemas. A corresponding note was submitted to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in connection with the demonstration of a trailer to this movie in cinemas.

In the trailer, which they started to show in Minsk cinemas, it is stated that the drama “is based on real events” at the background of “return” of the peninsula “to the native harbour”. The first night of the movie is scheduled for mid-August, the movie was shot for the money of the Russian governmental “Cinema Fund” by director and TV-host Alexey Pimonov.

Meanwhile, First Deputy General Manager of “Kinovideoprokat” Andrei Razzhavaikin said in a comment for Radio Liberty that the “Crimea” wouldn’t be demonstrated on large screens:

“I can assure you, this movie wasn’t planned to be shown in cinemas here. As far as I know, the premiere was postponed from August till September, but, in any case, we cannot show all the movies produced by the Russian Federation. I repeat, we never planned to show the “Crimea”, not even in the far perspective. And it will not appear in our plans...”