24 May 2018, Thursday, 3:37

Homel Blogger Set Fire To Himself And Dived Into Fountain


The minor blogger’ "creativity" attracted attention of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The glory of Ulad Bumaha is nagging at the Belarusian youth. Every day new YouTube channels appear on the Internet. The other day, one of them attracted the online audience’s attention by a challenge, filmed in the center of Homel. On the video blogger Ihar Kirzhanau is setting himself on fire in front of dozens of amazed spectators. Then he dives into the city fountain. Fortunately, it all ended safely for the guy. But who is this person, risking his life and health? And for what is he doing it? We had a talk with the teenager.

Ihar (he calls himself KIRZH) is 17 years old. And he has just finished school. He says that he has not yet decided on his future career. According to his own opinion, he is best at challenges. Performing them, the teenager sets up experiments on himself: he drinks three liters of milk in three minutes, walks down the street in the mankini, and, sets fire to his back.

Caution! There are obscene expressions in the video.

– I have long been fooling around. Some teachers doubted whether I was adequate. My name was known to everyone at school. Later, I stuck tightly on YouTube and thought, if my behavior was touching a nerve, why not to catch it on video? You know, money is the most important thing for a lot of people, but for me popularity is the most important thing, – the blogger admits to a tut.by correspondent.

The teenager’s parents are not aware of his hobby yet. He plans to tell them about it later – when he becomes more popular.

Ihar started to run his own channel only two months ago. Now he has more than 230 subscribers. Far from everyone sympathizes with the rooky blogger’s strange behavior.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns that such tricks are dangerous for life and health. And the police got interested in the minor blogger’s creativity. The officers of the Tsentralny District Department of Internal Affairs are already conducting the check in order to give a legal assessment of the teenager’s actions.