25 May 2018, Friday, 0:36

Belarusians Of Canada: No Dialogue With Regime

The Belarusian Canadian Alliance expressed its principled position at the World Congress of Belarusians.

Valiantsina Shauchenka from Canada voiced a tough position of the Belarusian Canadian Alliance at the World Congress of Belarusians. One of the reasons was the March 25 events in Minsk, Radio Liberty reports.

- At the Congress, I said that in the situation that existed in Belarus, we did not see the possibility of relations with official bodies and institutions. We wholeheartedly support the civil society, we have helped, we are helping and we will help those who fight for the new Belarus. A patriot is not the one who sits quietly and agrees with everything, a patriot is someone who has a pain for their motherland, history and language. Who has a heartache for those who are behind the bars, because someone wanted so.

For me, it is very important that patriots are free today, human life is the main value, a person should not spend a single day of their life in prison, " – Valiantsina Shauchenka said.