16 July 2018, Monday, 21:22

Another Ukrainian Museum Perpetuated Memory Of Belarusian Heroes


The collection of the local history museum of the city of Kamen-Kashirsky was joined by new exhibits of Belarusian volunteers.

The group of fighters of the detachment Pahonia reported that on Facebook.

A soldier chevron of the Pahonia detachment and the flag with the signatures of the fighters of the tactical group Belarus were presented to the museum. The public sector of the Pahonia detachment has launched a project to exhibit Belarusian volunteers’ possessions in the museums with expositions devoted to ATO.

The exhibits of the Belarusian fighters have already appeared in the Museum of the History of Khmelnitsky, the Museum of Stara Vyzhivka, the Dubensk Castle, the Kovel Historical, the Volodymyr-Volynsky Historical and Volyn local history museums.