2 December 2021, Thursday, 3:26
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"On September 8, Everyone Should Be At Square, And Not Sit In Kitchens"

"On September 8, Everyone Should Be At Square, And Not Sit In Kitchens"

Independence of Belarus must be protected unitedly.

Public activist Siarhei Sparysh invites all the Belarusians to Kastrychnitskaya square in Minsk on September 8 at 7 pm, regardless of ideological, religious or linguistic distinctions.

The activist said that in an interview to the site of the Belarusian National Congress bnknews.org.

– Why should we go to the square on September 8?

– There is a real danger of losing Belarus’ independence. Against the backdrop of growing internal problems, Lukashenka's corrupt regime can simply yield the country to Russia. In recent years, we have seen an increase in revanchist sentiments among our eastern neighbors, so the very fact of their troops’ presence in our territory cannot but cause concern. Yes, the probability of occupation is minimal this year, but it still exists. Therefore, our task is to speak about this danger as loudly as possible. Bandits are afraid of publicity.

Another threat is the involvement of Belarus in the conflict between Russia and NATO, including the nuclear one. Our people participated in foreign wars too often. Now that we finally have our sovereign state, we are obliged to put an end to it and do everything possible to ensure that our national interests come first. There is not the slightest danger from the West for Belarus, if it stays neutral. And there is not the slightest benefit from a possible war with the West for Belarus. Let Russia and the West solve their problems themselves, and we can provide them with a platform for negotiations, but not for military actions and nuclear strikes.

– You participated in the spring rallies holding the official red-green flag. Will you bring it to the rally on September 8 as well?

– This year's protest actions has become not just an opposition's rallies, but an expression of truly popular indignation over what is happening in the country. Official flags were seen at the Outraged Belarussians' Marches held in other cities of Belarus. The threat that our country faces today is common for all Belarusians: for the intelligentsia, for the workers, for the law enforcers, and even for members of pro-government organizations. We should protect Belarus's independence all together. Therefore, I will be at the Square on September 8 holding a red-green flag and I invite people not to have conversations at the dinner table, but actively express their protest against the exercises. At such moments of history, ideological, religious, and linguistic differences and contradictions must recede into the background.

Important to note, the Russia-Belarus military exercises West-2017 will start in September in the territory of Belarus. A record number of rail cars — more than 4 thousand — was involved to transfer the Russian contingent. Many politicians and military experts believe that Russian troops will remain in Belarus after the exercises.

A number of firing grounds at the territory of Belarus will be involved into the exercises: near Lepel, Barysau, Vitsebsk, Asipovichy, Ruzhany and Damanava. It was also reported that the reids at the “terrain compartment” near Dretun had been planned.

The Prevention Rally demanding the cancellation of the exercises West-2017 will take place at 7 p.m. on September 8 in the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk.