24 July 2019, Wednesday, 10:54
We are in the same boat

‘Do Judges Ever Think About Their Future After People Do Away With Their Fuhrer?’


Maryna Adamovich was fined for $ 500 for the participation in the action held on July 3 in Minsk.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress Mikalai Statkevich wrote this on Facebook:

- My wife stood trial in the Leninski district court of Minsk. For participating in the celebration of the anniversary of the liberation of Minsk from the Nazis. The appointed "judge" Asipenka fined her for 40 base fees (about $ 500).

The people who came to support Maryna saw an advertisement that I was also supposed to be tried at the same time in the same court by "judge" Kaviak, on the notice board. Apparently, also for the celebration of liberation from the Hitlerites.

I never heard that opponents were tried by whole families in Germany in the Hitler’s times, which our “overcooked” president defends so vigorously. In short, "liberalization" and "dialogue" are flourishing.

I wonder, do these "judges" ever think about their future after the people do away with their "Fuhrer"? Don’t they know about the fate of the "judges" appointed by Hitler?