25 May 2019, Saturday, 5:29
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Leanid Zaika: Revolutionary Struggle With Parasitic Nomenclature Is Going On


Belarusians have been listening to La Traviata for 15 years already.

Lukashenka ordered to finalize the package of documents to stimulate the business initiative that contain serious innovations by October 1. Will this give a boost to business development in the country? Economist Leanid Zaika, the head of the analytical center Strategy, answered this question to the periodical Your Country’s Tomorrow.

– Now there is a revolutionary struggle of beggarly entrepreneur circles with enriched parasitic nomenclature circles going on. This is a struggle for economic power. The nomenclature and local authorities do not need strong business. What they want is just to collect taxes and rent. The nomenclature supports Lukashenka, he is its derivative, – the economist believes.

According to Leanid Zaika, no matter what innovations were undertaken, "entrepreneurs and the Belarusian people will still lose".

– I have been listening to the nomenklatura performing this La Traviata for 15 years already. They talk about business development, but they do the opposite. In response to any step towards some kind of liberalization the nomenclature takes anti-steps that worsen the situation, – the economist says.

According to Leanid Zaika, if the authorities were interested in the situation, they would take more effective steps to develop entrepreneurship: reduce the bureaucracy threefold, release businessmen, completely exclude the "squeezes" on business, and set a moratorium on inspections.