21 June 2018, Thursday, 18:55

Babruisk dwellers are in solidarity with political prisoner Ihar Komlik

Ihar Komlik

Inhabitants of Bobruisk massively send letters and cards to the political prisoner.

Civil activists, members of the independent trade union REP and simply residents of Babruisk send letters and cards to Ihar Komlik to support the political prisoner, who has been in the pre-trial detention center at Volodarsky for more than a month, praca-by.info informs.

The head of Babruisk branch of the REP trade union Halina Smirnova explains why it is so important for political prisoners to receive letters of support:

– it's very simple for us to send a letter. And for a person in prison the value of a letter from the freedom increases a hundred times!

Ihar Komlik's son Andrei Komlik-Yamatsin tells that his father feels the support of many people:

– My father wrote from the detention center that he received many letters not only from his acquaintances, but also from different unknown people.

Everyone can support Ihar Komlik by sending him a letter at:

Pretrial detention facility №1. Komlik Ihar Aliakseevich

220030, Minsk, Valadarskaha Street 2, ward 22