19 June 2018, Tuesday, 7:30

Lida Resident: If Veishnaryia Against Authorities, Why Not Then


The Lidbeer-2017 festival has brought the issue of Veishnaryia to the forefront.

Kyky.org decided to interview Lida girls in order to make a report about the Lidbeer-2017 festival.

One of them, named Tatiana, was asked speak out on the popular subject of Veishnaryia:

– Are you from Lida?

– For a while. I finished my studies in Hrodna and came to work in Lida. I am working even right now. I am one of the organizers of the knightly tournament. The Cultural Center is organizing it. And myself included – I’m a floater. If someone needs help – I'm there. But now everything is working as it should, all's well.

– What should be there at the festival to say that the event has succeeded?

– There should be an atmosphere. There should be the people, who are interested in their history. Right now this is our third festival and there are six hundred people already. This is very encouraging. People are not just passing by, they care for what’s going on, even looking upon my suit. There is no indifference in them, you know, "where do I come in?"

– I have a distracting question. How do you feel about feminism?

– Ha. It depends. You can talk about women, for whom their rights consist of the ability to carry the bags from the store. Some people would talk about professions, dependence on men in general. For me personally, the idea of being completely independent from men is not very interesting. I would like to have a "wall" behind which I could be soft, gentle and weak. The concept of "I'll do it all myself" is not bad. But to be a cold bitch – no, I do not like that.

– Veishnaryia. Have you heard anything about it?

– No, I haven’t. Would you explain?

– You live there now. This is a code name of the state, which is taking part in the future West-2017 exercises. According to the scenario, it is the country, which includes a separated part of Belarus, waging war with Russia and Belarus. The capital of the imaginary country is Lida.

– It's funny.

– But Veishnaryia has separated and is against Belarus.

– It depends on who it is against in particular. (She lowers her voice) You are funny guys. If it is against the authorities... Why not then?

We remind that the unknowns put up Veishnaryia’s flag in the center of Lida during the Lidbeer-2017 festival.