18 June 2018, Monday, 4:54

Viktar Marchyk: Entrepreneurs Will Strike, Protest In Square


Belarusians have only one option — to hold protest rallies to defend their interests.

By February 1, 2019, all individual entrepreneurs in Belarus should step-by-step connect to the cash register monitoring system. This will allow tax collectors to remotely control the profits of entrepreneurs, passing through the cash register equipment.

What is the sense for the authorities to introduce such a control system, why should tax officials keep track of how the goods are being sold and what can it all lead to? The website Charter97.org asked representative of the Belarusian National Congress in Slonim, former businessman Viktor Marchyk:

— Firstly, the cash register control system will give tax officials more grounds to reveal allegedly "gray schemes", but in fact there will be mass confiscation and fines for the entrepreneurs. I am sure that the tax authorities will look for any loophole, any excuse to fine the entrepreneurs. We can say that the authorities found an excuse for more extortions to the budget.

— In your opinion, what can such actions of the authorities lead to?

— If fining of entrepreneurs becomes a mass phenomenon, and fines are big, then someone will close or transfer their business to other countries, and most likely this will lead to new strikes, entrepreneurs will go to the Square.

The authorities have made many rash steps by autumn.

And I believe that now any of their actions directed against the people will lead to mass protests, because Belarusians have no other choice.

For example, one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Mikalai Statkevich, announced the Outraged Belarusians’ March-2 on October 20.

In my opinion, the system that is currently suppressing people will not stand the pressure and the Belarusians will simply have a choice: either surrender or go out to defend their interests in the Square. In principle, it is obvious that the majority will go to the Square.