18 June 2018, Monday, 4:56

The Way People Are Milked

"Lukashenka" communal and utility rates can increase to the sky.

It has become harder to veil a true state of Belarusian economy. It has been repeatedly stated that Lukashenka resembles an elderly Brezhnev who is not able to control state affairs due to senile atrophy.

Behind the ostentatious "stability," "bells" are ringing more and more often that in reality life Belarus has approached standards of an average African state. This week independent media have published a confession of a Belarusian who sells the kidney to raise a child.

Although the decaying machine of the state propaganda is still able to veil egregious examples, it is getting useless in the face of the true picture.

Since the beginning of the month there have been adopted at least two decisions that show the true face of the power, former Minister of Labor of Belarus Aliaksandr Sasnou says. In the interview to Charter97.org he told in details about anti-popular initiatives.

- The Council of Ministers allowed directors and other superiors to receive a five-fold higher salaries than ordinary employees do. Earlier, the gap equaled to 3.5 times. What does it mean?

- Speaking frankly, this norm is useless in a modern country. But Belarus has been existing as "the mausoleum of the past" for 23 years. And this norm is also a relic of the Soviet era. It should have been abolished in a market place.

If we talk about the real situation in the country, apparently, the current power is satisfied with this norm. And the changes adopted by the Council of Ministers are on behalf of the power. They prove an increased gap in the society, and the ruling class wants to "legitimize" its superiority over the impoverished population. A small group of managers that can be compared with the long-standing Soviet conducted a cunning maneuver to legally reserve the growth of their salaries.

- It turns out that the nomenclature makes the ground for a "legal" growth of its salaries, but fees are increasing. For example, since September 1 a communal and utility rates have risen and will increase by the end of the year.

- This is the mockery. We deal with blatant and unskilled mockery of people.

What do the Lukashenka communal and utility rates mean? This is a cunning way to milk people. What does a 100% compensation for utility costs mean? This is the invention to endless milking. The size of the real cost of services is carefully hidden from the people. It aims at a constant price increase of communal and utility services. It has no end.

And every time a "cold shower" is followed - the price increase was too low. And the same old story is told again. They'd better set the fee for utility services once and for all. Because it looks like some convulsions.