24 May 2018, Thursday, 11:12

Tatsiana Seviarynets: Sick Govt Has Not Only Paranoia


The statement of the Ministry of Education on large families and religious families is highly inadequate.

Former teacher with many years of experience, Vitsebsk coordinator of the steering committee for creating the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Tatsiana Seviarynets said this to the charter97.org, commenting on the fact that the Ministry of Education put families with many children and religious families in the category of "socially dangerous."

— According to the officials, large families and families of believers "are characterized by a certain deviation from the norms that do not allow them to be identified as safe" ...

— What can I say, troubled, with signs of danger to society — these are suitable definitions for our government, the Ministry of Education and all other governmental structures. And not for families with many children and religious families.

Naturally, in Belarusian families with many children there is often insufficient material support, since the government did not bother to provide not only these families, the parents of these children, but also all Belarusians with decent work and decent wages. Not to mention pensioners, although, all this can be put in one parallel.

I want to emphasize once again that the government, led by Lukashenka, his ministries and so on, which introduces scornful "innovations" out of who-knows-what delirium, is dangerous for the society. And they say that this is done within the framework of the rules of school hygiene, caring for the child, all these innovations are covered up with beautiful words. This can be said both at the state level and at the level of, say, the regional center in which I live.

— In your opinion, what should be the reaction of society to such a statement of the authorities?

— You know, parents should have reacted already to the nonsense that was introduced, such as the "schedule for Kolya." After all, there have been no social survey, no research; the Ministry of Health did not provide its conclusions. The schedule was introduced without grounds, and then they will justify themselves.

The case with families is similar. If the parents and the religious community keep quiet, then this serves them right. Because if "the plebs lap it up", then there will be another, much stronger, wave of savagery and idiocy. I do not like these definitions, but I cannot express myself any other way.

This is not even the world behind the looking-glass, it's a sick government, who not only has paranoia, but a uniquely higher degree of debilism.