22 May 2018, Tuesday, 5:18

Viachaslau Pilipuk: We Are To Knock At All Doors In Order To Protect Belarusian Sole Traders From Foreigners


Working conditions are to be equal for all.

Deputy chairman of the republican social association Perspective Viachaslau Pilipuk told Radio Svaboda about adjustment of working conditions for Belarusian and Asian sole traders.

Belarusian sole traders started to toll the alarm bell not today. They reported that Asian traders, mostly citizens of Kyrgyzstan, had appeared on a massive scale in Minsk and the regions. At that they often had no documents on the goods.

– After we drew attention to the problem, the antitrust authorities sent us a response saying that they had checked the Asian sole traders and found some violations in conducting business. They had problems with the certificates, sales slips were not given... Nevertheless, the Asians are still working, their activities have not been suspended. Perhaps, they have been given recommendations to eliminate violations.

It is clear that they are not going to leave the Belarusian market, because they have a good profit due to the low prices.

– In a word, are they working legally now?

– There is one interesting point in this situation. The matter is that foreign citizens are allowed to trade without documents for a few days in a month. And some of them take advantage of it. One trader from Asia works without papers for a few days, then another one replaces him, and so on. Therefore, we will continue to knock at all the doors, to turn the tide, as far as the Belarusian sole traders are in a discriminatory condition.

We are not against Asian traders in Belarus, but the working conditions are to be equal for all. We must respect the rules and laws that have been set for the entire business environment.