22 May 2018, Tuesday, 5:36

Pruzhany Dwellers Urged To Catch "Little Green Men"


September 12 – 20, lovers of fishing and camouflage should better stay away from the district.

Strange ads appeared in the Pruzhany district - the authorities announce the holding of "territorial defense" exercises from September 12 to 20. Moreover, they seriously warned the population about the possible emergence of "sabotage groups of the enemy", and urged people to denounce all men seen wearing camouflage uniforms on the territory of the district to the local district police department.

Pruzhany.net published a photo of such an advertisement.

The Russian-Belarussian exercises West-2017 will start in Belarus in September. A record number of rail cars — more than 4 thousand — was involved to transfer the Russian contingent. Many politicians and military experts believe that Russian troops will remain in Belarus after the exercises.

The exercises will involve a number of military training ranges in Belarus: near Lepel, Barysau, Vitsebsk, Asipovichy, Ruzhany and Damanava. It is also reported that some raids are planned on the "sector of the terrain" near Dretun.

The Warning Action demanding the cancellation of the exercises West-2017 took place at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk on September 8.