16 July 2018, Monday, 22:38

Ex-KGB Officer: Belarus Bought $ 20 Million Worth Of Wiretapping Equipment From China


Lukashenka spares no expense on his security.

The former KGB officer Anufry Ramanovich has no doubts that that was Belarusian special services who provided the recorded telephone conversation between Pavel Seviarynets and Dzmitry Dashkevich to the Belarus-1 TV channel, the Belsat website reports.

"This is illegal. Today the special services are not engaged in combating crime in Belarus, they are not engaged in intelligence. Special services are engaged in persecuting dissenters, those who advocate the return of democracy to Belarus, for the observance of the Constitution," – he says.

Ramanovich claims that Belarusian authoroties have actually created a system of total surveillance on citizens.

"Every opposition politician is spied on. To make the total surveillance possible, Belarus bought $ 20 million worth of equipment from China. This equipment uses certain programs to monitor everything. Lukashenka spares no expense on his security and total surveillance," – he noted.