19 June 2018, Tuesday, 7:37

‘Give BRYU Shovels In Their Teeth And Take Pictures’


A video-blogger came up with an interesting idea how to improve the work of the “Lukashenka’s youth”.

Video-blogger Andrei Pauk, together with lawyer Aliaksandr Zhuk tried to understand the meaning of the “greeting” from acting first secretary of the Kastrychnitski district committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union Sviatlana Samson. The video-message was published on the Youtube channel “Rudabelskaya Swank”. The greeting was published in the district newspaper of the Kastrychnitski district. The video-blogger remarked that it would be nice to replace the “greeting photo” in the newspaper with the one where “the BRYU activists are holding shovels in their teeth”.

Andrei Pauk and Aliaksandr Zhuk raised the issue on where all the money, allocated for the BRYU, really goes, as all their events look pitiful.