28 November 2020, Saturday, 10:55
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Brest Activists Demand To Release Ihar Komlik

Brest Activists Demand To Release Ihar Komlik
Ihar Komlik

The leaflets appeared in one of the most crowded streets in the city center.

Leaflets appeared on a poster in Pushkinskaya Street, which is located in the area of the central market in Brest, Radio Racyja reports.

There is a photo of a man behind the bars, and a sign “Freedom For Ihar Komlik” in Russian and in English, on the leaflets.

The leaflets refer to the Chairman of the Minsk city organization of the Independent Trade Union of Radio-Electronic Industry Workers (REP), who was sent to the center for isolation of law-breakers in the Akrestsin Street in Minsk on August 2 this year. The arrest happened right after the interrogation in the Department of Financial Investigations of the Minsk KGB branch, and the REP office was raided, property was confiscated on the same day.

“The REP Trade Union helped a lot during the protest actions against the “social parasites” decree, — activist of the “European Belarus” civil campaign, active participant of the actions of the protest spring-2017 Andrei Sharenda recalls.

“All this is the outcome of the hot spring. The regime decided to be extra safe before autumn. The trade unions case is the reaction to the protest actions which were held in spring. The REP Trade Union provided good help to the victims of repression, both legally and morally. Therefore, we are witnessing such reaction with regard to everyone who participated in the protest actions and who helped them,” — the activist thinks.

No one has claimed responsible for the leaflets yet. “It is not needed in the conditions of our country, it is better to avoid possible repression from the side of the authorities,” — Andrei Sharenda believes.