20 June 2018, Wednesday, 18:19

Slutsk Activists Put Authorities At Stand With Their "Lesson Of History"


Slutsk rebels’ portraits have become an "alarm bell" for local officials.

In the afternoon of September 1, public activists walked through the center of the city with Slutsk rebels’ portraits. They called it The History Lesson Performance. A week later, the marchers were invited for a chat to the local police station.

The Slutsk district police department admitted to Kur'er that its police officers had talked to some of the march participants. However, the legal assessment had not been given at that moment.

According to the website of the newspaper Novy Chas, Zinaida Tsimoshak was invited as a witness for a conversation. She had given coverage to the event.

As Zinaida Tsimoshak notes, the participants were not announcing any political slogans or putting forward any demands. They were walking along the street. They walked to the local history museum along Lenin street, visited the old cemetery, the Slutsk Belts factory, the House of Culture, the monuments of Anastasia and Safia Slutskaya.

Public activist Alina Nahornaya took part in the event.