20 May 2018, Sunday, 20:42

Harry Pahaniayla: It Is Known Who Is Behind Abduction Of Hanchar And Zakharanka


With the change of power, evidence materials will quickly get into court.

The investigation has already solved the case of the "missing" persons, has discovered the fate of the victims and has established the location of their bodies, the lawyer Harry Pahaniayla says. He could get access to the materials of the criminal case on the disappearance of Viktar Hanchar, Yury Zakharanka and other people. Today, in the Belsat's program Razmova Kalinkinai, the lawyer named the performers and the chronology of the events that took place 18 years ago.

The former chairperson of the Central Election Commission, the famous politician Viktar Hanchar and the businessman Anatol Krasouski disappeared exactly 18 years ago, in September 1999; before that, in May, the former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Zakharanka was abducted. Until now, they have not been recognized as dead, but only as "missing" and Lukashenka said that the missing persons had allegedly been seen, for example, either in Germany or in Ukraine.

Basing on the documents of the joint criminal case, the lawyer Harry Pahaniayla composed a special letter of accusation. In that letter he named the Belarusian ruler Lukashenka and high-ranking security officials suspects. In Razmova Dnia with Sviatlana Kalinkina Harry Pahaniayla stated:

"Police investigators have solved the crimes involving the abductions of those people! And this is not rumors or someone's opinion. We speak here about specific documents with information that the investigation officially discovered and recorded. For example, the report of the chief of the criminal police and the MIA's deputy head Lapatsik."

The report describes the circumstances of the abductions, persons who performed that, and places where the bodies of the missing people are located. According to the decision of the KGB chairperson, they even detained Special Forces commander Dzmitry Paulichenka for giving explanations. Harry Pahaniayla believes that those materials containing the evidence were not destroyed and will get to the court when the power changes:

"God bless the investigators!"