26 September 2018, Wednesday, 16:38
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Beware Of Officials, Taking Gifts


The price for the 30-minutes “free” fire show from the Chinese.

This year, the 750th anniversary of Mahiliou was celebrated, as it should be, pompously and solemnly. The people were offered a number of “interesting events”. The city dwellers and guests especially looked forward to the evening of July 1. As the authorities announced, Mahiliou will be presented a generous gift from the Chinese city Changsha. A thirty-minutes fire show – nothing like that has ever happened in Belarus.

And Mahiliou residents, despite the bad weather, eagerly awaited this spectacle. Enchanted, and unsuspecting, they admired the spectacular half-hour fire show enthusiastically.

Many, of course, guessed that no one makes such gifts just like that ...

We learned the price for this “free” fire-show from the news of the Mahiliou TV and Radio Company in the evening on September 13.

It turned out that a plant for the production of fireworks would be built in Mahiliou region, near Mahiliou. A Chinese company from Changsha, China's Hunan Province, which "presented" Mahiliou a salute on its 750th anniversary, plans to build it.

What do we have? In China, such plants are not alllowed, the same as in all of Europe. There are no such industries, since they have a habit of exploding, which make them deadly dangerous, while in Mahiliou region it is possible, because it is profitable for Chinese businessmen?

The authorities, before accepting such "gifts", should honestly tell the public that if there is a free fire show, in exchange for this, the construction of an explosive plant will be allowed. Then they will put us all on the powder keg. It is necessary to listen to the opinion of the population about this. And only after that take decisions. But the authorities shyly concealed the bribe with fireworks, and presented the case so that it is their, the authorities’, yet another merit, that they can organize such good things for free for the population, saving a huge amount of budget money at the same time.

However, free cheese can only be in a mousetrap!

So, on the sly, the officials, under the "wise" leadership of the irremovable, turn our country into a backward outskirts of China ....

And it's also very interesting, how the Chinese company "thanked" our officials, and who in particular?

Uladzimir Shantsau, ucpb.org