19 July 2018, Thursday, 1:10

The Time of Men

Iryna Khalip

By the way, today a true man is like a holiday.

The phrase "the time of women" has already become an idiom and a bit annoying. Books, plays, articles have been issued under this "slogan" for many years. And it seems logical, this phrase sounds like a concession that women do everything right and, in general, we do.

Every protest action has a number of photos with brave, beautiful women. These women speak from improvised podiums. These women do not turn aside when they see the riot police. These women go in paddy wagons with their heads held high. These women speak in courts the way they do on rallies, and go proudly to jail. Beautiful, brave, strong. Amazons of our century.

And these women cook red-beet soup, no matter that one nasty aunt denies it. They spend their time in queues at a polyclinic. Take their children to different clubs. Cheer up their husbands when they have no money and agree to take some additional work... And they go to the Square in the evening. If not she, who? And there should be some time to do cleaning and ironing, no one will do it she is arrested for 15 days. Or even longer.

Men have their own things to do. Some deal with barbershops, smoothie, and longboards, others - a garage, a neighbor Michalych and beer, and finally - virtual tanks and planes. Everyone is dissatisfied with the life but misses a poor desire to change something.

The regime has spoiled not only our land, our cities, our lives. It has also abolished social roles. A man in our country is not able to support his family not because he is weak, lazy and useless, but because the state wants to see him like that (from the state's point of view, this is the ideal citizen) and do its best for it. The only way to regain dignity is to make a difference. Happiness of a single family is a myth, if the country is unhappy.

By the way, today a true man is like a holiday. Ours, national, native. The Day of Belarusian Military Glory. Five centuries ago in the Battle of Orsha the Lithuanian army under the command of Konstantin Ostrozhsky defeated the Moscow army. "Years passed by, it was getting dark" and centuries later Russian military men make themselves comfortable on Belarusian training areas. Exercises start in a week. No one knows when it is over. It may be too late when we find it out.

For the first time, the threat from Russia historically coincided with our day of military glory. We do not need to rely on the government: it does not understand what independence means. The army will not save either - all these years the military has been accustomed to the fact that they are not the armed forces of an independent state, but a couple of divisions within the CSTO with Putin in charge. So only you remain, dear Belarusian men.

Do something. Forget about your barbershops for a moment. Preserve our independence. Protect your families. Help your women not to go to jails, but to live. At least go to the Warning Action. We believe in you, dear.

Iryna Khalip for Charter97.org