24 May 2018, Thursday, 16:57

Belarusian Mother Sells Kidney To Take Care Of Her Child


The children’s services will take her child if she fails to improve the living conditions.

“Dear people, I am asking for your help. Not money... Please can somebody tell me where to sell a kidney?” — 47-year-old Alena Kukol posted on social networks, Belsat reports.

Alena plans to change the wiring and the floors in her house for the money she would get from selling her kidney. She wants the children’s services to leave her in peace. She has been raising a disabled son for 25 years, in complicated life circumstances. Her husband left, having said he would find a younger woman who would give birth to healthy children. Since then, Alena had no time to work, she lives on the child care allowances.

Local officials demand Alena should improve her living conditions at her own expense, otherwise she will be fined or deprived of parental rights. Despair drove Alena to a hard decision – to sell a kidney.