22 January 2019, Tuesday, 8:43
Thanks, everyone

Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the Electorate


Strange events happen in the country.

They say something incredible one could see in the sky over Drazdy on New Year's night. It was like a fireball hanging over a fenced strategic land plot. As soon as the main New Year speech was pronounced on local TV screens, an ordinary small window opened in a suspicious object. A dwarf wearing red fabric jacket looked out of it and pointed at someone with anger. What a scoundrel!

And the small window shut up. The ball disappeared somewhere in the misty constellation of the Electorate. An incredible rave of festive fireworks made the tracing of its complicated trajectory impossible. And watchful guards reported of it and said that the suspicious dwarf was just a fiction of the irresponsible public, and no object was hanging over the area. Everything is under control, sleep well.

No way! Top government echelons do not sleep. And especially now, when they are looking for lucky people.

As they feel deceived. The year 2018 knocks on the door. A great date - 25 years of individual governance - is about to come. And it is clear that some evidence is needed to prove that the electorate of the unnamed director of the collective farm was wise to support him then. The ruler did his best to make people feel good. And happy people are the only safe argument. Or at least some part of them. And how is it possible to find them?

No statistics is capable of it. Figures are cunning. Innocent contours of the annual budget of the country were published. And they immediately raised questions. Why are expenditures for the health care sector increased only by 6.5%, and for the security service of the ruler by 13%?

That is why the chief decided at once not to order anyone to look for those who had found "ordinary happiness" under this wise power. Of course, they are officials. They may show excessive zeal and hire the necessary people among members of the inner circle who managed to hit the jackpot in early candle-light. And it turned out that he was the one to deal with it. Before the year was over.

The technique was reliable. On an ordinary day he drives to the building of the former Central Committee. Without any loss of time, he keeps a close eye on passers-by through the tinted glass. No matter what one can say, it is almost a personal contact with the people. Without any intermediate party and commentators. If people smile and keep silence, everyone is happy. And if they are angry and irritated, the affair will be a simple fizzle. The authorities missed something. It's like a break down on the front line. Radio operators are urgently required. Or the riot police will be even better, more reliable.

The mastermind and organizer of all our victories hastened to inform the country about results and inventive methods of these researches. Such a thorough probing of pre-Christmas moods of the population was surprisingly encouraging. The number of smiles in the street crowd ran high. Some citizens sincerely burst with laughter. And it means that people are happy and satisfied with the power.

Only economist and other analysts claim that the country is going down. What? It conquers peaks easily.

Of course, there are some doubts. More precisely, different interpretations of the same phenomenon. For example, the public debt. By the end of the year we had the figure of $16.6 billion. Either it a failure or the peak the people will conquer under the wise guidance of the most competent manager. The whole thing is taped.

And there should be neither surprise nor resentment, when such core documents like the sound decree on spongers are adopted. And here comes a new gift - the decree on tariff rates in the housing and utilities infrastructure. Since February, our citizens will pay in full for these priceless services. However, salaries do not increase. In November an average pension equaled to 314.7 rubles. And how many non-average pensions are there!

However, it is said that our state is a social one. It is announced, if rent bills exceed 20% of earnings, the authorities, perhaps, will provide some assistance after a thorough examination of the situation. When pigs get wings!

By the Orthodox Christmas the ruler has come up with the concept of the people's happiness and a clear system of a nationwide welfare. Those times when Belarusians were promised to face short-time troubles fell into oblivion. From now things differ: "Life is great, I understand it. We can tolerate it. This year we should step up to make this life normal. The peculiarity of the present moment is that we have everything for that."

If not, never mind. We can borrow. In those places we are still not known in the face. There is no reason to worry about. Dictators always need money. Or diamonds, like it was at the dawn of Soviet era. And the dictatorship of the electorate does not differ too much from the dictatorship of the proletariat.

And no one is allowed to take on 13% aimed at the security service of the top management. Even in the age of the desperate need. After all, no one knows where this dwarf comes from and where he disappeared. Therefore, it is necessary to take up arms, outline guiding landmarks, melt into the ground, and wait patiently.

After all, he may come back! And then what?

Uladzimir Khalip specially for Charter97.org