21 October 2018, Sunday, 16:22
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‘Dad Always Liked His Job’


Relatives of the Hrodna driver who jumped off the bridge revealed details of the sensational incident.

In early December, the driver of the Hrodna bus park, who jumped off the bridge into the Nioman river, was discharged from hospital. Doctors assessed his condition as satisfactory. Since then, 57-year-old Siarhei has been at home, with his family. His daughter told tut.by that her father does not remember the day when everything happened.

— Dad does not remember the day, why it happened — he says, he does not know. He always loved his job and does not blame the bus park for anything, — Volha said.

The incident occurred on November 4 in Hrodna. The driver stopped the bus on the Old Bridge, left the cabin and jumped into the Nioman river. The man was rescued. He was hospitalized in a serious condition. For over a month, he was under the supervision of doctors.

After the incident, bus checks became frequent in the bus park, and drivers wrote collective complaints to the prosecutor's office and the administration of Lukashenka. Mayor of the city Mechyslau Hoy met with the staff of the car park twice. Prior to this, representatives of the district administrations of the city came to talk with the drivers. True, the drivers said that constructive conversation is not yet possible. One of the drivers who signed the collective complaint was fired. The official reason: the lack of money in the budget.

Now the management of the bus park does not comment on the situation, intending to wait for the results of all inspections.