10 December 2018, Monday, 6:12
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Leanid Sudalenka: We Will Make Khalch Poultry Farm Satisfy Workers’ Demands


The workers of the scandalous poultry farm are looking for someone to make their superiors come to senses.

The employees of the Khalch poultry farm in the Vetka district sued the employer. Poultry handlers Alena Katliarova and Larysa Sarokina are seeking dismissal on their own, with the payment of cash assistance in the amount of 3 monthly salaries, Radio Racyja reports.

Women were not satisfied with the working conditions at the enterprise, as well as attempts by the authorities to dismiss them after the contract expired. Alena Katliarova notes that she personally is very upset that the bosses tried to oust her to the street without money, regardless of her honest work.

- We worked since the very opening of the slaughter shop. We have come through a lot of things: our eyes and hands abscessed and festered. And we worked, if necessary, 16-18 hours per shift. We put up with everything. But when we were given papers about the dismissal, we were outraged. On what grounds do they fire us?! Of course, we are offended because of this injustice. That's why we went to court,” - Alena Katliarova said.

In addition to violations of labor legislation, one of the workers, Larysa Sarokina, received an industrial injury at the poultry farm. According to the woman, the company management tried to conceal the incident.

- It’s very slippery in the shop, there is a lot of water on the floor all the time. And once I slipped, my hand touched the knives. Part of the skin was cut off. Of course, it was scary. I spent a month and a half in the hospital, and nobody of the bosses even called me. I remember how shocked I was after the injury, and with tears in my eyes, the administration urged me to confirm that it was not an industrial, but a domestic trauma,” - Larysa Sarokina said.

The legal inspector of the independent REP trade union Leanid Sudalenka is convinced that if the case is objectively examined it will be possible to oblige the poultry farm to fulfill the requirements of the workers:

- The women were issued a warning that they will lose their jobs on January 16 this year. In this situation, there are not many options: either they do not receive anything, or they are dismissed on their own due to the violations committed. Well, they get 3 average monthly salaries.

At the end of 2017, during the reorganization of the Khalch joint-stock company, it was announced about the closure of the slaughter house of the poultry farm. About 170 workers are at risk of becoming jobless.