21 February 2019, Thursday, 23:54
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Independent Trade Union Defends Rights Of Slutsk Cashier

The employer apologized to the Slutsk resident.

Only after the intervention of the REP trade union, the Euroopt cashier not only resigned by agreement of the parties, but also received as a gift from the company - a microwave oven.

The company Eurotorg apologized to its now former employee. Also, Slutsk resident Alena Kaliada was offered a free ticket to the sanatorium. A labor contract was terminated by the agreement of the parties, praca-by.info writes.

Alena Kaliada refused from the sanatorium treatment, but asked for a microwave as compensation for moral harm. The company delivered it to the address indicated by Alena within an hour.

At the meeting with the bosses of Eurotorg, the interests of the employee were represented by the legal inspector of the REP trade union Yury Beliakou:

- The situation was resolved right in the office of the company's head of HR department Dzianis Zelianukha. The documents on Alena's dismissal were made literally within 15 minutes. I positively assess this decision of Eurotorg. I believe that if all the issues between an employer and an employee were resolved this way, it would have helped to avoid numerous conflicts, since in Belarus, 30 000 people work for Eurotorg. And the employees of the company's stores regularly address the REP trade union with a request to uphold their labor rights.

The administration justifies its actions by the fact that Alena's dismissal application “was lost twice”.

- Under Decree #29, the minimum term of the contract is 1 year. And before this term the employee can not resign at their own request. This is used by employers and violates workers' rights, if they want to quit. The Decree #29 should be abolished, - said Yury Beliakou.

Andrei Stryzhak, deputy chairman of the trade union committee in Homel, said:

- We must protect our rights. If it were not for the active position of Alena Kaliada, which also includes joining the independent trade union, it is not known how long this story would last. The case with Alena Kaliada showed that the REP trade union protects its members, regardless of where they work. If you think that your rights have been violated, join our trade union.