21 February 2019, Thursday, 23:57
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Belarusians Defend Hundred-Year-Old Mill In Ashmiany District


The demolition of the old water mill in Nerushivtsi is stopped.

Now it will have a new owner and will be used as a tourist object. The director of the Kraina Zamkau fund Aliaksandr Varykish told this tut.by.

We remind that workers started to demolish an old water mill in the village of Narusheutsy in Ashmiany district yesterday. Workers dismantle the roof, but after our publication, the demolition was stopped. Today, Aliaksandr Varykish met with Mikalai Prauko, the chairman of the Halshanski agricultural production cooperative.

– We had a constructive dialogue which resulted with the decision to stop the demolition of the mill," – he said. – Now the building is discharged from the books and the lawyer has to work out a mechanism for transfer or the ownership for it. Until the spring, we will rebuild the roof.

The director of the Kraina Zamkau fund said that after the registration of all documents, the mill will be reconstructed.

– The architect Andrei Baranau is ready to help us with this, – Aliaksandr Varykish says. – We also plan to restore the old mechanisms inside the mill, so that they can be demonstrated. In the end, we want to get an authentic tourist object.