21 January 2019, Monday, 5:32
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Belarusian Who Fought In Battalion "Donbass" Received Residence Permit In Ukraine


Dzmitry Paloika performed combat missions from the beginning of the summer of 2014.

Baranavichy resident Dzmitry Paloika has posted a photo of his permanent residence permit in Ukraine on his Facebook page, intex-press.by reports.

He wrote in the commentary to the photo: "I’ve received a permanent residence permit!".

From the beginning of the summer of 2014, Paloika performed combat missions with the Donbas voluntary battalion. He used to keep the watch at checkpoints, take part in special operations in Artemovsky and Maryinsky districts of Donetsk region, and he also took part with an assault company in operations in Popasnaya and Lisichansk in Lugansk region.

During the fighting, Paloika was slightly injured. In the summer of 2014, along with other soldiers, he patrolled Kurakhovo in Donetsk region.

– We used to visit Mariinka, Donetsk, participated in small battles. We landed one militant as a prisoner there. And I had to go to Belarus: the three-month period of stay in the country was over," – Dzmitry Paloika says.

He was transferred to the reserve, so Paloika did not get in the Ilovaisk mousetrap.

On December 8, 2014, when the man returned to Baranavichy, he was detained at the station. Paloika was going to sell the apartment and return to Ukraine, where his bride was waiting for him.

He stayed at the detention center for 10 days, and later was released on an undertaking not to leave the place. Dzmitry says that during the detention, the Special Services put psychological pressure on him and the bride.

– When I was interrogated, I said that I had been there to visit the bride, that we were going to get married. They told me: forget, you will never marry her, you will not go to Ukraine. I said: then, she will come to me, and they told me back: we will detain her as well. Then I found out that they had interrogated all my relatives, – Paloika says.

But there was no evidence of his participation in the battles: when he had met with journalists, he had always closed his face. In April 2015, he married Vita in Baranavichy and left for Ukraine. Last spring, the guy received a temporary residence permit and now lives with his wife in Kurakhovo. On August 29, Dzmitry registered on the website of the President of Ukraine a petition on granting citizenship to foreign volunteers for fighting at war for Ukraine.

And on September 4, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate awarded Dzmitry Paloika and other Belarusian volunteers who had fought or were fighting in the anti-terrorist operation zone. The awards were presented by the chairman of the Synodal Department of Spiritual and Patriotic Education, Metropolitan Ioannes.