24 January 2019, Thursday, 12:59
Thanks, everyone

Heart Cry Of Minsk Motor Plant Workers: We Want Justice, Honesty, Decency


The workers of the Stoubtsy branch of the Minsk Motor Plant are driven to despair.

In search of justice, the workers wrote a letter to the editor’s office of the Charter97.org. Here is the full text of the letter for your attention.

“We, the working collective of the branch of the OJSC “The managing company of the holding “Minsk Motor Plant” in Stoubtsy, the staff of which is over 1000 people, are addressing to you with great respect.

You are our hope for justice. For the last month, our letters begging to hear the heart cry of our collective were sent to many instances, and we are very sorry to bother you with regard to the issue which in fact should have been solved by our CEO I.V. Emelyanovich.

The point is, during the three-year management of the enterprise Ihar Emelyanovich disdained our branch. One gets the impression that the CEO systematically and purposefully destroyed the years-long work of the production. This manifests in the following:

— the management of the branch had no right to use the operating account for 1,5 years, and to purchase the necessary materials for the normal continuous flow manufacturing either.

— since May 2017 till January 2018 the branch worked in fact without a CEO, as he was sent to work at the main office.

— the supply of materials for the main production, as well as tooling, instruments, overalls from the parent plant is continiously disrupted. It comes to the fact that workers are forced to buy drills, uniform, brush-marks and stuff for their own money. They bring them to the plant in order not to disrupt the work of the conveyor for assembling the engines of the parent enterprise, and in fact the average salary at the branch for November was Bn 695,13.

— in 2017, the workers of the branch were twice deprived of the bonuses for the success in work. It is twice as aggravating that the women suffered from the CEO’s behaviour first, on the Women’s Day on March 8. Women make 40% of the staff. Among them, there are the women of the year: the Staubtsy district — 2016, the Minsk region — 2017, the best recreation facility of the Republic of Belarus 2015, 2017. The same situation repeated in the end of 2017, when over a thousand workers were not mentioned in the order on the abetment in the form of a one-time financial bonus for fair work, high professionalism in the amount of Bn 150, on the New Year’s Eve. This has become the last straw to break the camel’s back, so we have decided to address to you.

Meanwhile, in our collective there are people who were honoured with high government awards. We have been brought to despair by such negative attitude to us, to our work. We want justice, honesty and decency. After all, at work, as in the family, there should not be loved and unloved ones, everything should be divided equally — both good and bad. We are a single team, we have been like this for 25 years and we want to stay on.

The letter turned out to be emotional, because all this is pain and resentment tends to accumulate. Help us, please.


the working collective of the OJSC “The managing company of the holding “Minsk Motor Plant” in Stoubtsy.