19 November 2018, Monday, 9:11
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Toilet For $750K To Be Built In Homel

The expenses will be covered from the local budget.

The municipal unitary subsidiary “Capital Construction Department of the city of Homel” has announced a tender for the selection of a general contractor for the turn-key construction of the facility “Public toilets on the embankment of the river Sozh in Homel”, rynak.by writes.

The construction work is planned for the period from February to June 2018.

The initial price of the tender is 1 million 518.7 thousand rubles. The source of financing is the local budget.

According to the archive of the site icetrade.by, the most expensive tender for the construction of the toilet so far was $385,003 (later the tender was canceled).

Thus, public toilets on the Sozh waterfront in Homel can become the most expensive toilets in the modern history of Belarus.