18 November 2018, Sunday, 22:34
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Belsat’s Equipment, Which Wasn’t Confiscated Earlier, Is To Be Seized

This is the equipment that has been taken away during the search in the Minsk offices of Belsat.

A complaint regarding the equipment, which has not been returned for almost a year, has been sent to the Pershamaiski district police department.

On January 12, without waiting for an official response, one of the journalists went to the police department to find out the fate of the statement. He managed to talk to criminal investigator Uladzislau Podraz, who used to be in charge of Aliaksandr Barazenka’s case. After the conversation, the policeman called back and asked the journalist to come to him again on Saturday, January 13. At that, an official summons was not sent. As a result, the freelancer got a protocol for the illegal use of the Belsat trademark on the equipment.

According to Belsat representative Aliaksei Minchonak, the police want to bring the case to court and confiscate the equipment that has not been confiscated yet.

"It seems to me that Pershamaiski district police department employees have been ordered not to return our equipment by fair means or foul, and they are trying to bring this issue under the law. And they will try to confiscate the equipment that the court has not confiscated yet, but which was seized by the police during the searches. Now we are to wait for them to appoint the date of the trial. This can happen within a month. We will be insisting on returning our equipment," – Aliaksei Minchonak says.

The formal reason for searches and seizures was the alleged illegal use of the Belsat trademark.

It is not the first year when the issue of the Belsat trademark is under consideration

It has been the subject of legal proceedings between our television channel and BELSATPLUS company owner Andrei Beliakou. According to him, the media, which broadcasts from Poland, violates its business interests. This year, he has filed another complaint.