13 December 2018, Thursday, 8:16
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Ryhor Sitnitsa: Bulbash Hall Should Become Branch Of Museum Of Memory


The chairman of Belarusian Union of Artists considered the possibility of signing the scandalous object off to his organization.

The public initiative Experts in Defense of Kurapaty made a proposal to resolve the conflict situation around the Bulbash Hall entertainment complex, Radio Svaboda reported.

Its opening is expected soon, the buildings stand half a hundred meters away from the Kurapaty, the burial place of the Bolshevik repressions' victims. The activists believe, that the state could buy the complex and sign it off to the Belarusian Union of Artists for the sake of creative activity in the interests of Kurapaty.

The chairman of the Union of Artists Ryhor Sitnitsa is touched by such trust, but believes that a more real and effective material and financial relations can be realized within the state:

"Of course, we would have found how to use the complex so that the initiative become real. All would be for the purpose, as we are people who are well versed in the issue, including the national-patriotic one, related to Kurapaty. However, we are a non-budgetary structure, to buy the complex for budgetary money and sign it off to a non-governmental organization – this is simply impossible. However, it would be logical to buy the complex and give it to the National Historical Museum, for example, as a branch dedicated to the memory of the victims of repressions. I know what I'm talking about, because budget funds cannot be redistributed to a non-budgetary organization. But in the case of the museum, such a step would be absolutely correct," – Sitnitsa says.


The chairman of the Union of Artists believes that there's one thing that cannot be doubted: any form of entertaining institution shouldn't stand on the bones:

"Not only I don't support this idea, but I am an ardent opponent of this. What fun can be on the bones? It's a blasphemy! Generally speaking, it is necessary to stonewall them the way that will make them remember it for a long time, if they themselves do not understand where they build their complex. Everyone is well aware of what will happen there. But the feast is satanic, I can't name it otherwise. What kind of club can be in Kurapaty? In a civilized country, this would not be tolerated even in theory, let alone practice. In my opinion, it is possible to try to undertake something only engaging the historical museum. The idea to sign the complex off to us is unreal. After being in the leadership of the Union of Artists for 10 years I know perfectly well what it is like to deal with budgetary funds."