18 November 2018, Sunday, 22:36
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Volha Nikalaichyk's Phone Illegally Blocked


The authorities continue to pressure the public activist.

Public activist and film director Volha Nikalaichyk told Charter97.org about the pressure, which is being put on her by bailiffs:

– In the morning of January 14, I returned to Belarus from Kiev and noticed that I had no mobile connection. Having arrived in Minsk, I could not phone my relatives, friends, or doctor. I received a warning by post from court bailiffs, saying that the bailiff had forbidden MTS and Velcom telecoms operators to fulfill their obligations under the contract concluded with me.

I turned to my lawyers in the HRC Viasna. The human rights activists confirmed that I had no debts or new fines. I believe this is a way to put more pressure on me. The authorities are putting the sticks in the wheel, trying to paralyze my life. I have severe bronchitis and sometimes hypertensive crises occur. If my landline phone is disconnected, I would not even be able to call an ambulance. That's how I was met back home. The situation is dreadful, I’d say.