18 November 2018, Sunday, 22:36
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Dry Asphalt Laid Near Slonim


Old crushed asphalt was scattered and tamped with heavy machinery over the used asphalt pavement.

Dry asphalt was laid in the village of Astrova in Slonim region. Road workers laid it just after the celebration of the Nativity of Christ by the Orthodox calendar, when it hadn’t been snowing yet, gs.by writes.

Old crushed asphalt was scattered from the trucks and compacted with heavy machinery on top of the asphalt covering that remained in the street after more than three decades of service. And it was done without patching repair.

The street in the Astrova was asphalted at the time of the late USSR, when Stanislau Zdanovich worked as chairman of the collective farm Rassvet in Slonim district. At that time, a new village was actually established, which was later called the agro-town of Astrova. The asphalt was laid not only near the new buildings in Maladziozhnaya Street, which was being built at that time, but also in Snitko street in the old village. Truth be told, the work was done to a good quality.

And after so many years, there’s such a strange repair. It cannot be called a patching one, as road builders scattered dry asphalt almost all over the street. Answering villagers’ question, whether that was all the repair to be done, or not yet, the workers said that in the spring, they would lay liquefied asphalt over the dry one.