21 November 2018, Wednesday, 5:49
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Homel Residents About Food Products From Exclusion Zone: Cesium Has Not Fully Decayed Yet


About 1 600 hectares of radiation-hazardous land was returned to the farmsteads.

Belarus has come up with the know-how: we clean the radiation-polluted land with ordinances and decrees. Thus, in January the Council of Ministers returned about 1 600 hectares of radiation-hazardous land to the status of limited-use land.

Journalists of the Homel “Green Portal” took on to the streets of the city and asked the opinion of Homel residents about such decisions of the authorities.

Will the products from the former exclusion zones appear on the table of Belarusians? What do Homel dwellers think they think about such prospect?

— I know the people who don’t trust even the products made in Homel. Our products!

— I think we already eat these products.

— This is unacceptable! The radiation accumulates...

— Cesium has not fully decayed yet...

Important to note, Head of the agricultural enterprise “Dubrovitsa” Halina Kashcheyeva stated the following in an interview:

— I do not know yet how many curies there are — up to 15, five, three or two per square meter. That is why, what we will grow there, depends on the contamination of the land. But whatever we grow, it will still go to feed cattle.