23 February 2019, Saturday, 0:37
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Will Traffic Circle Named In Honor Of GDL Appear In Bialystok?


A public activist stands up for perpetuating the memory of the GDL in the Podlasie capital.

Seemingly, a traffic circle named in honor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania will have appeared in Bialystok by March. Last year, public activist Radek Pusko proposed local authorities to name a street, a square or a park in honor of the GDL, Radio Racyja informs.

The public activist decided to find out how the case is progressing, and asked about it at a session of the Bialystok City Council. According to him, the Council is going to adopt a relevant resolution:

– At the beginning of 2018, I decided to remind the authorities about the matter and formally asked the Bialystok City Council about the progress done regarding the issue of naming a street, a traffic circle, a square or a park in honour of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. I received information that if everything goes well, and I believe that everything will go well, then a vote will be held at a session in February or March. Seemingly, there will be a traffic circle named after the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

The traffic circle, which might be named in honor of the GDL, is in Boyary district, at the intersection of Slonimskaya, Dobraya and Skorupskaya streets. According to historians the border between the Polish Crown and the GDL passed along this place. The grand-ducal Pahonia and the Polish eagle have preserved on the coat of arms of Bialystok.